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9 Best Beaches

There is a beach for everyone: from the stunning sand of Latin America, to the beautiful British coast, to the best beach in the Mediterranean, and then to the Pacific island paradise.

01:San Juan del Sur Bay Nicaragua

The Nicaragua holiday destination is not known but this time of year is sunshine and you may even be on their beaches. The San Juan del Sur Bay beach has a muted beige soft sandy shimmering horseshoe shape, overlooking the massive statue of Jesus just north of the bay. The water is calm and rare to surf, making it a perfect beach for young families. For surfers, the playa along with the madaras is a little ahead.

There are many wonderful restaurants where you can enjoy a very happy sunset. And after the sun sets, there’s a fun vibe to enjoy the busy nightlife.

02:Isla Espiritu Santo

Oceanographer Jacques Costo has been called “the world’s largest aquarium” due to the unique and rich ecosystem of Mexico’s Sea of ​​Cortez. To get up close and personal with nature, rely on yourself in La Paz. All islands are protected by UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Uninhabited Espiritu Santo, Wonderful Beautiful Crown Jewel: The sea is as turquoise as swimming in a bottle of Curacao. If you look at bridal-cake white sand, nail-varnished pink volcanic rocks, clouds of yellow butterflies and 300 year old trees.

In Los Islats, you can snorkel with friendly sea lions. There are many migratory species, such as humpback whales, manta rays and leatherback turtles.

03:Kovalam Beach

Known as the Southern Paradise, Kovalam is the best beach in India. This coconut-forest is filled with a crescent-shaped beach character, and with the Wijinjam Mosque at the end of the nozzle, brightly painted boats and ayurvedic massage centers in the center, where you can revive herbal, body-toning massages or other items. Holistic Beauty. You can buy a delicious curry served on leaf.

04: White Island

Small, pear-shaped, and the island known as the Born of Fire, Camigin is a magnificent White Island beach, Tippex-White Sandbar with two volcano views, Mount Hibcock-Hibcock and Mount Vulcan. Nearby, the Sea of ​​Mani Bol hides an extraordinary treasure – the Sunken cemetery is 20 feet underwater after the volcanic eruption in 1871. The island has old ancestral houses and historic churches

05: Praia de Lopes Mendes  Brazil

Just three hours south of the Rio de Janeiro, is a small island from the Ilha Grande Jas to the beautiful Priya de Lopes Mendes. Getting to the beach is worth the effort, but worth the effort – you have to go through the Atlantic jungles, hummingbirds, butterflies, tropical flowers and waterfalls to be thick and puggy and holy monkeys. The beach at Lopes Mendes is unique because it is white with sand and soft as flour. The island was discovered in 1502, but today conservation is only a word with the roads in the main village of the island

06: Whitehaven Beach Queensland  Australia

Whether you arrive by sea or boat, Whitehaven Beach has oh-so-white sand, rainforest and crystalline water. It is part of the 1,250-mile-long Great Barrier Reef on a small wooded island. The sand is 99.89% pure quartz and you can swim with 1,500 species of multi-colored fish and observe hump whales on their annual migration. Seventy-three other islands await discovery, some uninhabited and very close to the sunshine and ideal for a secluded day.

You can camp on some islands, but always remember the advice of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority: “Take photos and souvenirs with you and leave only bubbles”. Base yourself on the mainland at Airlie Beach Organic B&B with massage, yoga, meditation and organic food. They sell original art and crafts made by local Nagaro and Zia people.

07:Oxwich Bay UK

For our beautiful beach in the UK you should see Wales. The soft, sandy Oxwich Bay, built of woods and overlooking Penriss Castle, may come straight from the story of Enid Bolton. With Arcadian beauty, Oxwich is the perfect place to swim in the summer with over 600 species of flowering plants on the sand or by nature.

The Gower, west of Swansea, is Britain’s first natural beauty region and this year marks its 50th anniversary. A footpath leads from Oxwich to St Iltides Church, which contrasts with a half-man, half-horse creature and, with fortifications on the beach, ancient monuments and many incomparable bays.

Nearby Swansea is a re-investing city with a thriving local food scene for the past 5 years, showcasing the region’s rich food heritage: lavar bread, cockles, Welsh black beef and sea bass jostle.

 08: Guludo Beach Mozambique

The most beautiful beach in Africa – Gullod Beach Beach: covered by the Indian Ocean with fine, white sand and wild African bush. This is a real, barefoot paradise where you can smell the rock and see the humpback whale (June – October).

Climb a hill and watch the elephants at sunset. The unforgettable trip takes you to the nearby Rolls Island, where you will meet a local fisherman, the Old Man Coconut Crab, who will take you to the Coral Rock Forest to see the world’s largest crabs.

Tours take you to the village of Guludo, where you can learn cassava, weaving mats or buying a colorful robe and take it to a local tailor, who will give you a new shirt or dress

09:Super Paradise Beach Greece

The international jet-setter has been visiting Mykonos for over 50 years and it’s not hard to see. Bread-crumbed with sand and rare water, Super Paradise Beach is the tallest beach on the island where the magnificent beaches live. It is about 9 km from the city.

 Super Paradise – like the rest of the islands – tolerates hedonistic, shy and alternative lifestyles, making it a mecca for gay travelers. The town of Mykonos attracts traditional bars, designer shops and world-renowned DJs, making it one of Med’s top clubbing destinations.